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Test Engineer

I am currently employed as a Systems Integrator @

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New Zealand
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2008 - now

Systems Integrator @ Precision Mechatronics

from 2008 to present day


The majority of the work here involved developing LabVIEW(8.5 to 12) applications to test a variety of different products.

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2004 - 2008

Test Engineer @ Clipsal Australia.

from 2004 to 2008


Develop test solutions for products developed by Clipsal RnD department, for both China and Australia. The first year and a half I spent in Australia, then relocated to China (Shanghai & Shenzhen) for two and a half years, assisting in transfers from a test/technical point.

The main hardware used were NI PXI chassis, 8 slot and 18 slot, which were used to test a variety of Clipsal C-Bus products.

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2002 - 2003

Test Engineer @ IPTE Belgium

from October 2002 to 2003


I was employed by IPTE Belgium on a contract basis. IPTE develops, produces and installs high technology PCB test equipment for the electronics industry.

My main duties involved assisting other test engineers to develop test systems using Lab Windows CVI and TestStand. The hardware used was a RS PXI rack with a variety of PXI cards installed.

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1996 - 2002

Test Engineer @ Sensormatic Ireland

from 1996 to 2002


Implementing test processes for new products, PCBA testing using bed of nails & system level test. This involved sourcing test equipment; setting up test stations, writing test procedures & provide training to component level. Built functional test fixtures for each PCB, some more complex than others.

The more complex fixtures would comprise of a PC with two to three National Instruments cards, a NI5102 scope, a LAB_PC+ DAQ card or a DMM plugged into the PCI slots. Other testers had a PXI system with an NI5112 (100MHz scope), NI4060(5.5 digit DMM), a matrix of 256 relays & some power relays installed, plus some special control board. Write C code using Lab Windows from NI to interrogate the PCB under test.

All the above was done by me with limited help from designee engineers from the US when some more clarification of the board operation was required.

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1998 - 2000

Cork CIT Ireland

from 1998 to 2000 (Part Time)

Diploma in Electronics Engineering

This was a part time course, 2-3 evenings a weeks for two years.


South London College and Strathfield TAFE (Australia)

from 1984 to 1985 and 1987

Certificate in Electronic Engineering

A number of part time courses were taken, first one in London which gained me a Certificate in Electronic Engineering

Then after moving to Australia I did more part time study on single chip micros and another in C programming


Cork RTC (now CIT) Ireland

from 1980 to 1982

Radio, TV & Electronics Certificate

This was a two year full time course - City & Guilds exams.

1980 - 1979

Colaiste Iosagain (Irish college)

from 1970 to 1979

Equivalent to Australia's HSC

This was a boarding college where everything was taught through Irish (De La Salle Brothers).

I successfully completed the leaving certificate which is equivalent to Australia's HSC through the Irish language



Very Good
Very good
Project Management


Programming Languages
LabVIEW Lab Windows CVI TestStand Python CSharp C Java
SQL Server Access SQLite XML


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CLD Exams

This section explains the CLD exams.

I currently hold a Certified LabVIEW Developer certificate.

SAT-FST Tester

Force Sensor Tester -Net Page Stepper motor driven in micron steps, and a load cell monitored for deflection & graphed.

Atomflo 500

This is an example of a project developed using both TestStand and LabVIEW. It involves a system test of plasma generator.

Custom Step types

This shows some of the custom step types developed for different instruments

PXI Testers and more..

This is examples of some of the work completed for Clipsal, both in Australia & China

Qualification Reports

This section has different links to Qualification reports carried out for Clipsal in China

Gage R&R

This section explains just some of the methods for verifying different testers

CarWash Exam

This is my version of the Car wash program based on a sample CLD Exam

Tilt Chair

Controlling a medical chair via stepper motors, & collecting data from a DAQ device and then graphing this data

Security System Simulator

This is my version of the Security System Simulator program based on a sample CLD Exam.